Living room windows could significantly modify the appearance of your living room. No matter whether installing light or showing a spectacular view, living room windows could improve your wall colors or furniture, and gives security for yourself and your family. Discover the different window types for living room and the reasons why homeowners opt to install them.

Double Hung Windows

Among the most common replacement window types, double hung windows include mobile lower and upper sashes, letting you open up the window from the bottom or top. A few double hung windows could even be tilted inwards or taken out for much easier cleaning. With apparently limitless choices to customize and harmonize with any living room beautifully, it’s not surprising why double hung are frequently preferred by homeowners.

Ageless Style: Such windows offer a classic look which is becoming more and more popular. Adorned with shutters or a classic exterior, they put in a timeless curb appeal into the home.

Easy Cleaning: For numerous double hung windows, the sash would tilt in for much easy cleaning, which makes window maintenance very easy. Instead of heading outside to clean up the external surfaces of the windows, you could clean every part while remaining indoors.

Good Ventilation: Having the ability to open the bottom and top portions of the window, you could vent air and permit fresh air to go inside your living room.]

Picture Windows

Among the most common replacement window types, double hung windows consist of mobile upper and lower sashes, allowing you to open up the window from the bottom or top. A couple of double hung windows can also be moved inwards or removed for faster and easier cleaning. With obviously endless options to customize and harmonize with any living room magnificently, it isn’t surprising why double hung are often favored by homeowners.

Lower Costs and Less Breakage: Picture windows are fixed, thus there aren’t any mechanical components, which makes both the initial cost as well as the cost of ownership less than windows having moving parts, that may have to be replaced.

Highly Energy Efficient: Whenever correctly installed, picture windows are extremely energy efficient as air can’t leak between the sashes or via any other gaps.

Customize the look: With a lot of various size choices, picture windows could easily fit into any opening to fulfill the requirements of your unique home with unique designs.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay windows are aesthetically designed to offer more living area, making your home feel bigger without the need of constructing an addition. A bay window comprises of a big center window with 2 smaller windows on either side. The middle window is generally fixed just like a picture window, whilst the side windows are casement or double-hung to give air flow. Bay windows protrude far away from the wall out to the external space, bringing more floor space into your living room.

Bow windows are like bay windows, except they have four or five openings instead of three. Their curved structure creates a rounded appearance on the outside of your home. Bow windows allow extra light to enter the room since they have more glass panes than bay windows. They can wrap around the corner of a building to form a unique shape on the outside and an enticing nook on the inside. Bow windows allow for a view from two sides of the home and also gives extra space inside your room.

Extra Space: Bay and bow windows are a functional option that adds extra space and dimension to your home. They can serve as a cozy lounging space or an additional storage area.

More Natural Light: Bay and bow windows are three, four, or five-in-one, so they allow more natural light into the home. The angled side windows provide light from all directions.

Better View: More window panes give an enhanced, panoramic view of your landscape.

Added window seat: These windows can have a built-in seat at the base, which could be used for storage, a reading area, or enjoying the view. This is a great place to store toys in a bedroom or blankets/pillows in a living room.