It doesn’t matter how much you love your family and friends, hosting them in your own home could be challenging. How can you make them comfortable without having to sacrifice your own room and routine? And what should you do if extra space in your house is limited?

Residing with restricted square footage does not always mean you must never host house guests. However you’ll need to think of a few great home ideas to do so without having a problem – and above all, without traumatizing you and your guests.

Sleeper Sofa

Although you could completely opt for a nice air mattress to house guests, that could be a bit more possible for your sole younger brother’s visit which for a few of your older visitors who might not be as young to recover from some nights of sleep.


The sleeper sofa gives a far better sleep scenario compared to an air mattress and talking about as a guest who has rested both on other people’s air mattresses as well as sleeper sofas, I’ll opt for the sleeper sofa all the time! You can also find several different sizes and configurations of sleepers to suit your needs, however if you’ve got room for a couch in your home, you’ve got room for a sleeper sofa and a quickly comfortable guest bed at the moment which doesn’t occupy extra room whenever not used by visitors. We highly recommend these!

Blackout Curtains

Unless of course your sleeping space is at a windowless basement, it’s great to consider just how much light gets into that room each morning. It is something which made us realized that were missing when we were utilizing the sleeper as being our bed for some weeks throughout a renovation, and also the room was very much brighter. Go get some blackout curtains to help make the room more dark for sleeping and it’s a major home improvement for having great rest in that space.

Make Use of Side Tables For Temporary Nightstands

It’s a different way to use things which you already have for your temporary guest room. A few things which you want to keep in bed when you sleep such as clock, eye mask, ear plugs, and others can be place inside the side tables next to the bed. This serves as nightstands for guests so as to keep their necessities within reach as well. The moment the visitors have left, you can simply move the side table back again to where it was before!

Room Divider To Close Off A Space

Once you chose to make use of a sleeper in the front room for visitors, you wanted to close off the space so that guests can have some privacy throughout their stay. Based on your setup, you might be prepared to add a door to provide some privacy, however at least even a curtain or perhaps a room divider can help you split the spaces a little and make it appear less as if they are sleeping in the midst of your living room (even when they are).

Have A Table/desk To Keep Their Personal Things

Whenever guests come, they take their stuff along with them! Getting a coffee table close by or a desktop available to keep a few of their things will offer visitors an area to place things like toiletry bags or purses. You can move the coffee table close to the foot of the bed to keep personal things, however you may also get a foldable luggage rack to keep suitcases up off the floor similar to a hotel.

Cozy extras help a lot! This section is optional however adding cozy things to the temporary bedroom can help it feel a lot more welcoming for visitors. Any things such as furry blankets in the bed, super comfortable soft chair close by for lounging, as well as a super plush rug into the floor will help the space become more welcoming.

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