Quality wood furniture lasts a lifetime and it is usually a treasured heirloom, handed down through numerous generations. Still, even the highest quality wood is vunerable to scratches and abrasions when not correctly looked after.

For furnishings already in your house, here are ten tips to maintain the wood looking its best for several generations to come.

Don’t Mistreat Furniture

To prevent rings and heat damage, use coasters whenever setting glasses or cups in wood tables, and don’t put hot food straight on them with no protection of a trivet or potholder. Include ornamental placemats or a tablecloth to guard your dining room table from drink and food stains.

Refrain from Environmental Damage

Sunlight, heat as well as other environmental factors could cause damage in your fine wood. Don’t put precious furniture in front of open windows, vents or fire places, since the light and heat could damage and fade the wood.

Dust Frequently

Nobody really loves to dust, however the task is among the best ways to look after your furniture. Airborne debris could create a filmy layer in wood which scratches the surface. Regular dusting keeps this accumulation from occurring. Always make use of soft cloth such as cotton T-shirts, cloth diapers or microfiber to prevent damage.

Retain Your Wood Clean

At times dusting isn’t sufficient and you’ll find it essential to clean up the wood furniture. Never ever use all-purpose cleaners, that can damage the finish. In case you have a spot which is greatly soiled or sticky, soak a cloth in water which contains a mild dish detergent. Make sure to follow up with a rinse from the damp cloth comprising just water, then instantly wipe using a soft dry cloth.

Protect Your Wood

Nearly all commercial polishes and sprays have either petroleum distillates or silicone oil to get a fresh and sparkly finish, and to provide a few defense for the wood. Be sure to not use a lot of product, as it could cause build up which mixes with dirt to develop a dull, sticky film. Always make sure to buff well when utilizing products to help prevent this kind of build up, and do not utilize these products with a wax protectant as the blend can lead to another gooey mess.

Treat Wear and Tear

Even with all the best care, wood furniture could keep injuries. For small nicks and scratches make use of a product such as Old English Scratch Cover. This liquid polish conceals abrasions, repairing the wood’s natural beauty.

In case damage is in depth to be addressed with polishes or touch up sticks and you are not prepared to give up your cherished fixture, you may want to turn to something more extreme. Painting some damaged furniture will give new life into it and offer it many more great years.

Re-Oil Dry Wood

In case furniture has been stored and gets extremely dry, you may have to re-oil it. Liberally apply your furniture oil and allow it to dip into the wood for around fifteen minutes. If you’ll apply a protective coating, allow your furniture set for around twenty four hours before continuing.

Re-Wax as Required

Based upon the finish, a few furniture might have a wax protective coating. As these items age it might be required to re-wax the surface for prolonged protection. Don’t let the wax to set for longer than twenty minutes. Take away the excess wax using a clean Scotch Brite pad, and buff using a soft cloth till the surface feels clean to the touch.

Keep Wood Smelling Fresh

At times older items will build up a terrible odor, particularly if they’ve been stored. You could spread the surface using baking soda to spruce it up, and put a pan of charcoal inside of drawers to soak up smells which emanate from the inside. You may also leave the item outside in the shaded region over a warm, dry day to provide alleviation from a malodorous smell and make your furniture great as new.

Eliminate Tough Stains

In spite of your best efforts, at times the unavoidable happens and your stunning wood furniture becomes stained. Regardless of what type of stain you’ve got, make sure to clean it as soon as possible – the more time it sits, the tougher it will be to eliminate.

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